Sodium Sulfate

Sodium sulfate is obtained from lakes and underground mines in nature as well as by-product in some chemical productions.

Natural sodium sulfate is found as anhydrous (anhydride) Na 2 So 4 and crystalline (Na 2 SO 4 10 H 2 O).


Naturally obtained sodium sulfate, unlike by-product sodium sulfate;  it is 99.5% pure moreover such as iron, zinc, copper, etc unwanted hosts contain almost none..  The P-H ratio is constant between 7.8.  Solubility in water is easy.


- Its product purity goes up to 99.5% Na2SO4 rates (Sodium Sulfate).

- Impurities such as Zinc, Chromium, Iron Mercury, Lead etc. are in trace amounts.

- It gives a neural solution, and its pH ratio is 7-8.

- It does not contain any toxic chemicals. It is not included in the hazard class.

- Its water insoluble substances are at minimum levels.

- It has an odorless, very fluid, white crystalline character.

- It is non-combustible, capable of being stored in dry conditions for years without deterioration.

- It has a very good solubility in water.



Our company is obliged to supply the purest best quality sodium sulfate to our customers by founding concrete and trustworthy trading relations with them.


Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium Sulphate, with MgSO4 chemical formula, is a white crystal powder form alkaline salt. Our company is responsible for the purchase of the purest magnesium sulphate product which is obtained from the natural lakes in Turkey.


Magnesium sulphate is usually founded in the market in heptahydrate form and known as a sulphate mineral named Epson Salt or English Salt. Our company’s primary focus is to trade with the magnesium sulphate product, which is processed and unhydrolyzed after obtained from the lake. Magnesium sulphate has the property to dissolve easily in the water and utilized generally in, agriculture, medicine, detergent, and other chemical fields of the industry.



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